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Stuart Deane is a retired Special Education teacher at Masconomet Regional High School on the North Shore of Massachusetts. He has been a member of the Exchange Club of Greater Newburyport, Mass., since 1986, including service as club president, member of the board of directors, and longtime newsletter editor. Before entering the field of teaching, he was a reporter for The Hartford Courant, and he continues to contribute freelance columns to local, regional, and national newspapers and magazines, including The Boston Globe and EXCHANGE Today, the magazine of the National Exchange Club. He is also working on a teaching memoir, a history of his home construction, and a collection of family essays. He and his wife Nancy live in Newburyport and are the parents of two grown sons, Matthew and Stephen.

“Stuart Deane’s perceptive, thought-provoking essays capture the essence of the matter at hand. His insightful writing makes you say to yourself, ‘Yes, I know just what he means!’”

Jim Lazette, Former Editor, “EXCHANGE Today

“The beauty of Stuart Deane’s message is in its simple clarity. His writing is a balanced blend of hope, truth, and enjoyment.”

Paul Briand, Former Editor, The Beverly Times – The article “Column: When AIDS came to the North Shore” references Paul Briand as leading the editorial board in 1988.

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A number of chapters in this book have previously appeared as columns in EXCHANGE Today, the magazine of the National Exchange Club. One, “The Friendship Club,” was also published in The Daily News of Newburyport.

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